Blood-Soaked Cape

Current Filled Pool: 940/1100

Name: Blood-Soaked Cape

Description: Facing hard trial and tough times, Red's cape has taken on as much beating as its owner. Thus, it has transformed from ordinary fabric to something a bit tougher than usual. The crimson crusader's iconic article is now made of some sort of shape-memory allow that regains its rigor every few moments, allowing Red to fight to her fullest capabilities in battle. A very smashing-like attack could probably render it useless for a while though.

Effect: Passive 40 HP Casing

Cost: 40x4 = 160 points

Sidenote: Red is able to apply this power to any article of clothing in a .GMO or Cross, or simply just summon the hooded cloak and wear it.

Final Filled Pool: 1100/1100
Pretty gritty for a little girl, but whatever, approved. XD