Mandatory Edits

So. New Sig system changes and stuff. Here's my old Sigs. Tell me what I need to fix. Signature Attacks: (60/60)

Quote (Beary Caring! (40))

Desc: Arkuma causes the target to grow an unruly flaming fur coat. The mystical flaming fur converts incoming damage to heal its wearer until it expires. Effect: 20 HP Casing on target. As Casing takes damage, the damage is also converted into healing for the target. (Maximum 20 HP heal)
Cap: 20 + 20 = 40 (1TCD)
-Super! Desc: Arkuma pours a bit of his own lifeforce to emphasize his passion, increasing the effectiveness of Beary Caring. Nerf: Sacrifice1 (15 HP) Effects: Casing HP increases by 5, Healing cap increases by 5. Cost Summary: Nerf: Sacrifice cap is split in half, 10 to Cap and 10 to CD reduction. Cap: 40 (Pool) + 10 (Nerf) = 50 TCD: 50 (Total Cost) - 10 (Nerf) = 40 (1TCD)

Quote (Beary Tough! (20))

Desc: Arkuma's unnatural vitality causes unexplanable spontaneous regeneration! Effect: Passive 5 HP Healing. Cost Summary: 5 x 4 (Passive) = 20
Removing the SUPER! part of Beary Caring. Rest should be fine?
Sure, approved, and NOT BY HEAT THIS TIME. : D