Wyvern's Draconic Arsenal Expands

Changing 'Jump' [Melee, 60 Damage, Impact, Movement, Self Slow(1), 60 SP, 3TCD] to 'Jump' [Melee, 80 Damage, Impact, Movement, Self Slow(1), 80 SP, 3TCD].

200/380 points.

Adding 'Wyrm Calling' to Wyvern:
Wyrm Calling: [2-Hit Planar Shield, 40 SP, 1TCD] Wyvern calls upon the weakest level of Dragons she combats in order to defend herself against foes. When standing on a tile with an elemental affiliation, she draws the spirits of small wyrm dragons. The two dragons twist into a shield on her arm that takes on the element of the tile she's standing on.

240/380 points.

Adding 'Burning Crescent' and 'Foxfire Soulsteal' to Rokon.SP:
Burning Crescent: [Shot, 40 Fire Damage, Slashing, 40 SP, 1 TCD] The ankles of one of Rokon's shoes begins to burns with a red and orange flame. She then kicks with that leg, producing a flaming arc of energy that launches outwards towards an opponent. It is only tall and wide enough to hit a single opponent, however it cuts like a flaming sword on contact.

Foxfire Soulsteal: [Shot, 40 Fire Damage, 20 Fire Drain, 80 SP, 2 TCD] Rokon draws one of her pistols, the barrel transforming into a wide mouth that generates a single spiritual flame. A beam of energy from behind catches the flame and they both head towards an opponent. The beam damages with high heat, and afterwards the spiritual flame burns the opponent further. The data that is burned by the spiritual fire passes back to Rokon and regenerates her strength.

360/380 points.
Alrighty, looks good. Approved.