New process upgrades bring my sig points up to 340 (60 + (40 x 7)). Caps are 100 (150 with nerfs), passive cap is 20. Some of these are old and unmodified, but I'm going to throw them in just in case I forgot something that's been changed since and it needs fixing.

Chi Barrier (100 points):
Focusing her thoughts, Exorcist steadies her breathing and creates an aura of deflection using her chi. It is said that this exorcist technique is so powerful that extensive use of it can shorten its user's lifespan. History has shown its effects in the lives of many Taoist abbots.
(Create 120 HP barrier, sacrifice 15 HP)

Pious Candle (60 points):
Summoning a stick of incense and lighting it quickly, Exorcist says a prayer to the deities of the stars. The deities in turn grant her protection and allow the flames from the candle to dance along with her attacks, propelled by a divine wind.
(Folder Resistance + Imbue Fire)

Catching Circle (20 points):
After creating a circle with her own blood, Exorcist uses a spell that draws a single entity to the location by laying bait for evil spirits. This can allow her to easily weed out the evil in a room and destroy it before it escapes.
(Gravity, Sacrifice 15 HP)

Borrowing Life (60 points):
To fulfill her job of warding evil from an area, Exorcist draws energy from the world around her. She considers this energy a loan, like a mutual trust between her and the Earth itself.
(45 heal)

Ritual Talisman (100 points):
Exorcist summons a crudely formed talisman that can be thrown, attaching to the enemy and bursting into white flames. The talisman's strength depends on the chi force of its user. The intent of the technique is to sap the strength of malicious spirits or demons inhabiting the person's body. Even in the supposedly good, it will produce a strong draining of strength.
(20 damage shot type + Stun + Hold)
By the powers that be, you are granted these demon-warding tools.