5 Process Upgrades, 200 more points, and new level 15 caps all equate to new sigs!

Current Pool: 500/700 (spent/total)
Current Cap: 180 (270) / 30

Out: Raining River, Ectopatcher
Current Pool: 320/700

Quote (The Replacements)

Spirit Duster (Stage Change Snow Terrain; 3TCD; 100 points)
With a wave of her hand, Anyis ices over the underside of the River. As the rest of the ghost data flows over the frozen portion, the ice breaks up into tiny snowflakes and falls to the ground. The total accumulation from the fallen snow isn't that much, but what does fall has the special quality of turning what other types of terrain it touches into more snow, resulting in a thick pack of snow that can be dug pretty deep into. The snow conversion typically takes on the physical features of the current area, but on flat areas, several light snow banks can form.

Soul Riser (60 Heal, 2TCD; 80 points)
Anyis provides a bigger healing boost than her automated system could by directly infusing the ghost data into the target... with her fist. Yeah, Anyis figured out how to heal things by punching them. It's a win-win situation as far as she's concerned. Since the breakdown of the channeled ghost into more useable data bits begins in her fist, this pro-bono act of violence is as much out of necessity as it is personal satisfaction. And yes, Anyis needs to punch herself should she want to heal her wounds.

Snow sig because it's the only Aqua terrain I haven't used yet, and what is this active healing.

Current Pool: 500/700

Quote (The New)

Titan Revival (100 Aqua damage, Phasing, 3TCD; 120 points)
Not quite Navi, virus, or Cybeast, yet history holds it as one of the most fearsome creatures to ever traverse the Net. The battle to fell it became the stuff of legend, and the fighters responsible became heroes in children's tales. And now Anyis has tapped a mere fraction of the power of a monster that should never be heard from again, with explosive results. With the little amount of data she can safely channel, Anyis can only materialize a foggy upper body, devoid of color and completely ethereal, held together only by its own sheer density and flecks of ice. Yet with a thrust of her own fists, the Titan charges forward through both enemies and objects until it gets to its target, delivering a crushing blow with either a heavy punch or the thick horns on its head.

Core Field (80 HP Barrier, 2TCD; 80 points)
The orange energy in Magna's body has always been mysterious to Mill, as he never really programmed it with a purpose, yet Magna himself has adapted it to express emotion through the light's intensity and also to break down Bugfrag data into useable power. Now another use has popped up, and this one has battle uses. By radiating the energy outward through his eyes and mouth at maximum intensity, Magna can generate a barrier of this orange energy around himself or the Mother Unit. It's not a completely solid barrier, but the energy always appears in the right place to absorb damage, and there's enough extra energy coursing around in a spherical pattern that it's obvious a barrier is there.

Titan Revival is a sig for Anyis, and Core Field is a sig for Magna. And behold, I now have more actives than passives. STEVE, AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME?

Current Pool: 700/700