Phospholipid Layer Shift

DNR's Avaliable sig points = 120

Phospholipid Layer Shift: As any one with a rudimentary knowledge of Biology will tell you, Phospholipids are layers of fat that are commonly known to shield the cells that make up animals and plants (Plant's get to have an extra lucky layer). Polonius decided to craft a similar layer to DNR, making it probably to avoid the viral DNA that exists in the networks. This layer unfortunately... thanks to monetary costs of a medical student... can only cover the front of the navi, leaving the back unprotected for an attack. Yet all is not lost thankfully, a fortuitous ability that this has is the power to teleport through it's programming. Not only that but after the teleport is done, yet another phospholipid barrier is made, shielding the navi even further.

(20 for a 1-hit shield covering the navi + 80 for teleportation purposes + 20 more points for a 20 HP Barrier. 3 TCD Cool down)
The shield can't cover your entire body. If you want it to keep it's description, I'd suggest a casing. Alternatively, you can keep this effect if you change it to something that's actually a more standard shield.
The description's updated, I'm hoping this is enough of a limit for this to work.
Approval Pending