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Electric / Wind

Physical: Miyu stands roughly 5'4" and weighs in at a modest 115lbs.. Her pink hair falls slightly past her shoulders when straight, but it is usually gelled and curved outwards in spikes at the bottom. She has thin eyebrows and a small, cute, rounded nose. Her eyes are long and skinny, almost piercing, and have a red star burst patterned pupil. Her lips are normal sized, but are naturally a deeper red than most others'. These conceal two sharp and slightly elongated teeth, located on the upper row. Her skin is lightly tanned. She has several tribal looking tattoos: one on the outside of her shins, running from her ankle to about ¾ up her leg; on the top or her forearms, running from the tip of her middle finger almost to her elbow; and on her front side, a diamond shape around her navel with a single line that travels up her chest and splits to leave a curved mark around the top of her breasts. She has a pair of demonic looking wings, that have a large wingspan but a narrow thickness, coming from the middle of her back. She has long, sharp nails as well, part show and part last resort defense.

Clothing: She wears a black halter-style corset, with red trim and a lace-up back, which allows her wings to move freely and a very small bit of her front side tattoos to show. She compliments this with black, straight legged pants that are quite smooth and soft to the touch. For footwear, she sports a modest pair of black tennis shoes. Her left ear is pierced multiple times, with many rings adorning it, although nothing else seems to be pierced.

Personality and Background
Miyu is the twin sister of Soulman Junior, the daughter of Soulman and Ayumi. Like her brother, she was born after Ayumi had been permanently altered by the corruption she had been infected with. Unlike him, however, she ended up with the majority of the side effects from it. These manifest themselves visually as what appear to be tribal tattoos on her body, which grow to cover more of her body as the corruption activates. Mentally they manifest themselves as fragments of her mother's memories, paralyzing headaches, random bouts of immense emotion, and in the worst cases temporary insanity.

Miyu is an angry and conflicted young woman. On one hand she wants nothing more than to get to know her newfound family and learn about her parents, but on the other she's been raised by the people of the undernet to be manipulative, shadowy, and sly. This leads her to great amounts of frustration in social situations, as she often finds herself following her old undernet habits than being a 'normal' person. When she isn't upset about this, however, shes a very coy person, preferring to flirt and tease than sit quietly when given the choice, and although she has no desire to be intimate with anyone, especially another woman, she uses her charisma and charm to try to win people to her side.

Because of her upbringing, Miyu relies on cunning and manipulation to get what she wants instead of brute force. Due to the years of practice she's had, she's very adept and finding people's weak points and exploiting them for her own gain, and while she tries sometimes to stop herself, she most often manipulates everyone around her to some extent. She also is very good at playing dumb, acting innocent, and talking her way out of things, since as years of practice have taught her, sometimes things just don't work out the way you plan. This makes it easy for her to act like she is someones friend, while allowing her to remain at a distance. This is not to say that she's never had any friends. It's just that even she sometimes can't tell when someone is a friend or simply a tool.

While Miyu puts up a strong and what some would call uncaring facade, deep down she's scared of herself and what she was forced to become. She often worries that she's become what she hates, and the simple thought of that drives her into great anger and sadness. She also worries about the corruption that she was born with, and if it will one day overtake her or simply destroy her.

Corruption: With a handle that roughly 5 feet long, topped by a large sized hammer which narrows and forms into a short scythe on the reverse side, the Corruption is a sight to behold. As the name implies, it is another physical manifestation of the corruption that has tainted Miyu, only for her benefit and much deadlier to those who would cross her.

Signature Attacks
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