Raider's signature attacks

Sig points: 220
Sig points used: 100
Max cap: 100 - active, 150 - active with nerf, 20 - passive
Level: 6

The space around Raider begins to sparkle, and then he disappears in a space-bending anomaly, accompanied by a bright, screeching flash. A second later the flash appears again, but in a different location, and Raider materialises. When the flash fades, it leaves a slight sparkling around him, and a stronger, concentrated one around his weapon. This sparkling last until he attacks, empowering his next attack.

Effects: Teleport [50] + Strenghten [30], 2 turn CD
Sig points used: 180

Lock and Load
Raider performs the usual preparements like inserting a new magazine, or adjusting the scope. When his gun is in the optimal condition, he charges it up with electro-magnetic forces, making his weapon sparkle, and forming an electric coat around the bullet inside, increasing its penetrating power, and making it leave a sparkling tail behind, when fired.

Effect: Strenghten [40], 1 turn CD
Sig point used: 220
Because you can never have too much Strengthen. Approved.
Due to the teleport cost change, I have some unspent ponts (40, exactly), and I didn't spent it immediately in the teleport cost change topic, because I didn't exacly know what I wanted to do with them, but I figured out.

Sig points: 220
Sig points used: 180
Max cap: 100

Raider fires a modified bullet from a shorter, and a bit wider accessory barrel, under the main one. Due to the lack of rifling, the bullet has stabilizator wings installed, popping up after firing, in order to keep the bullet in balance. Upon impact, the micro-fusion generators inside activate, and send and extremely strong electrical shock into the target's body. It does not cause serious injuries, but temporally disables or impedes the movements of the target. The sparks, which manage to leak out, charges the panels under the target, as a side effect.

Stun 1 [30] + Change terrain: Magnet [small area; a panel or two, under the target] [10]
[a total of 40 points, 1 turn CD]

Sig points used: 220
It's a shame, but I forgot to mention something, exactly that I wanted to add electric element to Taser. It is supposed to be a free effect.

So it is like:
Stun 1 [30] + Change terrain: Magnet [small area; a panel or two, under the target] [10] [electric]
[a total of 40 points, 1 turn CD]

Max sig points: 300
Max cap: 100/150/20

Lock and Load
Strenghten [80], 2 turn CD

Stun 1 + Change Terrain: Magnet panels [small area, a panel or two, under the target] [40] [[color=orange]electric[/color]], 1 turn CD

120 points used so far, 180 left

Raider aims for a vulnerable spot on the enemy (don't have to be its head, might be a junction in its armor for example) and fires a massive shot at it. Some time is needed to aim precisely.
Damage [120], electric
Cooldown: 3 turns
Cost: 90 sig points + 30 nerf [Charge Time: take aim]

Damage Control
Raider knows where to aim to inflict serious injuries, allowing him to deal extra damage with one attack per turn.
Strengthen [20]
Cooldown: passive
Cost: 80 sig points

Sig points used: 290/300
Everything looks good. Approved.