Valk sigs V2

Yo. Reregging a bunch of stuff because of changes to teleport, and since I've got my hands on a few levels/points/higher caps. Thought I might as well do them all at the same time.

Max points = 180 (270) / 30

Points: 660/660

Valkyries Presence: Chooser of Slain
Effect: Stun(30), Passive
Cost: 30 x 4 = 120
Earning the ire of Valkyrie is quite unwise. The mere presence of one can freeze the lifeblood of the wicked, and drive grown man crazy with fear of death. After all, their divine purpose is to be harbingers of ones death, then judge the soul if it was worthy...
Valkyrie herself is able to stun a target by the virtue of her intimidating aura alone without much of a problem.

Points: 540/660

Valkyries Presence: Freya's Bless
Effect: Heal 15(20), Passive
Cost: 20 x 4 = 80
Blessed are the Valkyries, and thrice blessed are those fighting alongside them, by none other than Freya, fairest of all, goddess of love, beauty, life, but also war and death. In her halls of Fólkvangr reside half the souls collected by the Valkyries, and she aids her daughters and their comrades by granting them great stamina.
Valkyrie herself (or anyone she so chose instead), regains amounts of health continually during a battle.

Points: 460/660

Prelude to Ragnarök
Effect: Buster Charge(40)x4, Microblast(40), Sacrifice 30(-40)
Cost: 200-40=160
Cooldown: 5 TCD
Valkyrie sacrifices some of her life force in exchange for power. While doing so, a ripple erupts from her body, knocking a foe away.
(Deals 30 dmg to self, but gains 4 buster charges and one instance of microburst to use in exchange.)

Points: 300/660

Ride of Valkyrie

Effects: Haste(40)x2, Teleport(80)
Cooldown= 4 TCD
Valkyrie starts releasing some of her power, which is channeled into (more or less) steady streams by the carvings on the inside of her armor. Using these streams she can "skate" to maneuver around at extremely high speeds, as if propelled by a jet engine, and even gains limited flight capacity. Flying horses are for pussies.
(After using this sig movement capabilities are increased for 2 turns, and can use teleport once during that duration).

Points: 220/660

Nifleheim's Wrath

Effect: (Hold(50), Freeze(50), Small terrain change ice(10), Self Slow(-40))x2, Seeking(20)
Cost: (110-40)x2=160
Cooldown: 6 TCD
Valkyrie opens a rift to Niflheim, the Norse afterworld of never ending cold. From the rift emerge Geri and Freki, twin wolves of Odin, kin of Fafnir, taking a form of snow and ice, to unleash their fury on the world of the living. However, their time is limited, and their spirit soon departs leaving only the body of frost behind; but not before they can lock their sub zero jaws and sink their claws into the enemies of this angel of death.
(Valkyrie is tired by this attack and is slowed for 2 turns after as she recovers. The wolves basically act like projectiles; whatever they hit is encased in ice and held+frozen for one turn, and even the immediate area is turned into ice type terrain. Can target 2 separate targets, and because of their sense of smell... and strong hind legs, Geri and Freki can even attack invisible or high altitude targets)

Points: 60/660

Geirskögul's strike

Effect: Charged Buster attack(40)x2, Sacrifice 15(-20)
Cost: 80-20= 60
Cooldown: 2TCD
Valkyrie sacrifices a bit of life to be able to deliver two quick, devastating blows. Named after Geirskögul, a Valkyrie whose name translates into "Spear of War".
(Sacrifice 15 hp, perform 2 charge attacks.)


No to Ride of the Valkyrie and Nifleheim's Wrath. You can only have 1 Teleport per sig, and "x2" is Multi-Hit or Multi-Target, not both. Everything else is fine.
Okay, done editing. I've changed Gerskögul's as well.
Alright, all sigs approved.