Ruling came to me in PM...

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Steve and I came to a bit of a revelation regarding the Multi-Hit and Multi-Target sig effects, how they're supposed to be used, and how they are being used.

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Multi-Target Attribute: The cost for one target, times the total number of targets.  [Simply dealing the full damage and effects to more than one target.]

Multi-Hit Attribute: Free (Stackable) [Hits the same target multiple times. Does not affect damage cap. You do need to register this, though.]

The problem is that some people (Steve admits he has some) have sigs using "divisible" damage (i.e. damage that can be split among several targets, or concentrated on just one). I'm aware from Steve that this was normal back on RECN and in early on in RERN, but now, the wording (as seen above) doesn't really allow for Multi-Hit and Multi-Target to be blended like that.

Nachahmen is kind of an odd case as Emulation: Charisma isn't exactly divisible "damage", but its Stuns can still be split among multiple targets or focused on a single target. So, in short, it needs to be redefined as either Multi-Hit or Multi-Target, or you can opt to scrap it for something else.


Scrapping it in place of this.

(Pending PA Master's approval, of course)

Emulation: Raijinken: Nachahmen, taking note of experiences in the past, recalls of a small electric navi. Using this recollection, he sprouts two lightning rods from his back, and pulls forth from his chest a weapon similar to a naginata, bearing upon it a blade made from a bolt of lightning. Taking aim, and with a firm arm, Nac lunges the spear onward. Using magnetism, the spear hones in on a target and makes slight drifts through the air in order to strike true, although exaggerated motions, like turning around, are impossible.

Effects: 60ElecDmg(80), Slashing(Free), Seeking(20)

Point cost: 100

Points in sig pool remaining: 10 (650/660 Used)