The Nitro Update

Sig Points before new sigs: 60/220

Sig 1: Healing Hand Grenade:
Nitro aims his buster directly at the ground below him and fires. This may not seem like a very intelligent decision, but one would notice, if they looked closely within the split second that the bomb leaves the buster and hit the ground, that said bomb is actually a shining golden colour with two red bandages forming a cross on it. Using the medicinal properties of his name-sake chemical, most of Nitro's wounds are immediately healed, along with any friends (or enemies!) that happen to be standing near him at that time.

Points: Heal 60 (80) + Blast 1 (80x1=80 total) = 80 points total (2 turn cooldown)

Sig 2: Molotov Cocktail
A dark green, translucent wine bottle appears in Nitro's hand, with the label displaying his Navi symbol against a lighter green background. Rather than being full of a tasty red wine, one would find that it is instead gasoline that sloshes around inside the bottle. With a flaming white rag stuffed into the neck completing the whole thing, Nitro lobs this at his opponent, the now-flaming contents splashing all over said unfortunate recipient. The contents, perhaps assisted by an unkown second ingredient of Nitro's, also splashes onto a large section of the battleflied, centered on the target, changing it to a Lava-type terrain.
Points: 40 Fire(40) + Large Lava Terrain Change(Zone)(40) + Throw-type attack attribute = 80 points total (2 turn cooldown)

Sig pool after new sigs: 220/220

Also, a retooling of a current sig!

Overheat before: 80dmg (80) + 15selfdmg (20 free points) = 60 points, 2 turn cd

Overheat after: 10dmg (10) + Multi-target 8 (8x10=80) + 15selfdmg (20 free points) = 60 points, 2 turn cd
All sigs approved.