I. Am & An_Ass.exe

Operator: Trenn Hiyazaku
Sex: Male!
Age: 19
Description: Around 6' tall, with a lanky build and a pale complexion. His hair's a dark brown color, pulled back into a small ponytail that, despite urging from his friends, he refuses to have cut off. He wears a gray undershirt and a brown leather jacket, with a large pair of musical notes overlaid across each other in an embroidered design on the back. He also wears a pair of blue jean pants, with a pair of gray socks and a pair of brown shoes finishing off the ensemble.

Personality: Trenn's generally upbeat, and usually thinking before he acts. He's got a good heart and a kooky personality, but he does have moments where he acts a bit away from the norm. He's also a bit protective of his friends.

PET shiz: Trenn's PET doesn't differentiate from the norm that much, aside from two key differences: the first is it's color scheme, a twinge above cream yellow with a sky blue trim, and the second is the fact that Trenn installed an advanced hologram projector in it. He's known to use it for many things, such as having a keyboard on the go, having holographic music notes pop up all over the place when he gets a call, etc etc, with the most notable aspect being having a smaller version of Soundman sitting on his shoulder almost constantly. A tiny hologram of Wiz is known to pop up from time to time around Trenn as well, a fact which annoys him to no end-- That navi is a handful, after all.

Navi: Soundman.exe
Gender: Male, of course. I do have 'Man' in my name after all.
Age: Appears 24
Appearance: IMAGE: Click
Soundman got a complete overhaul using Trenn's massively improved skills once Trenn managed to fix him: his hair is now a short-cut, sort of messy style that's, oddly enough, clear as the purest glass. It still moves and feels like normal hair, but it's completely clear. His shoulders have a pair of boombox speakers covering them as a sort of makeshift armor, and his torso is covered in one massive amplifier, with his emblem, a small musical note, dead-center of it. Blue and red wires run a spiral around Soundman's relatively unarmored arms, eventually stopping and connecting to a sort of soundboard-esque gauntlet, with a speaker in the center of the palms of his hands. More red and blue wires run their way down Soundman's legs, connecting to the pair of stereo speakers that are used as his boots. They have two speakers on each of the sides, and a single speaker crowning the top of the boots, with an output monitor monitoring the levels of sounds nobody except Soundman can seemingly hear... On his back rests a small backpack-like subwoofer.

Personality: Soundman's got a somewhat outgoing personality, though he still has his shy points at times. He's willing to fight for things he believes in, though he'll try to talk his way through confrontations if possible-- He also has a knack for growing attached to people very quickly. He loves music in all forms, though his favorite types are either the flowing symphonies of classical music, or the thundering bass and guitars of metal.

Weapon: Palm-speakers
Soundman can activate the speakers in his palms to send a blast of sound or music at a foe. His charge attack merely cranks the volume much higher.

Active Signature: Whine
Soundman produces a large amount of feedback within the audio feed to one of his palm speakers, causing it to send out a shrill, high-pitched whine capable of making almost anybody clutch their ears. (60, 2CD)


I had the newbie pack, a Firehit1 and at least 500z we can assume, as well as 300z and a Guard1. And lastly, 1500z.

And then, my two HP Memories and a lvl 2 Sig voucher for the Vet items. But since the voucher is no good no more, can I get a direct refund on that?

If so...

That brings me up to a grand total of 7300z, a set of Cannon, Shotgun, Guard1, Rageclaw, and Firehit1 chips, and a pair of HP Memories, bringing my total level to 3.

Also, Soundman just got majoly overhauled. Check it out.

Approved. Now go buy your actual new Process Upgrades.