Nitro "Overheat" Retooling

I'm not using any additional points, but I'm adding a couple free things to help mods (and myself) figure out exactly what the sig does.
Before: 80 null dmg + 15 self dmg: 60 points used
After: 10 null dmg (x8)+ Multi-hit Attribute + Throw-type Attribute + 15 self dmg: 60 points used.

A quick side note: Though the attack is fired from a buster, I'm making it Throw-type. This is because the attack uses bombs, and having them arc just seems to fit better than the bombs flying in a straight line.
Giving it Multihit is a change of the sig's mechanics, so you need a process edit if you haven't bought a process upgrade recently.
I do have a process upgrade that I haven't used for any new sigs or anything yet, but it was bought a while ago, if that's alright. Also, quick question before you approve: If a sig has multi target, do you have to have every attack hit a different target, or can you concentrate a few attacks on one while attacking others? If so, I'd like to change it from "Multi-hit" to "Multi-target", targeting 8 enemies with 10dmg.
Meh, forget it for now, I'll just fix it up when I register my next sig.

/pointless thread