More Signatures

So, time for the obligatory passive heal and one more attack.

210/420 points used beforehand

Data Absorption:

The small particles of data Zeo programmed to float around ViralMan for looks now have a use. Zeo modified them to each carry a fraction of a healing program that causes them to gather on ViralMan's injuries and heal them. This was ViralMan's idea, but Zeo would rather tell people otherwise.

15HP passive heal (80), once per turn
80 points

290/420 points used

Data Siphon:

ViralMan raises and points his hands at his target, causing writhing dark gray cords with white pulsing lines on them to snake out of the ground near the target. These cords proceed to wrap around the target's legs to immobilize them. After that, another cord with a frayed end rises up behind the enemy and attaches itself to their back, draining HP from them and transferring it to ViralMan. 3 turn cooldown.

25HP drain (50), one turn Hold (50)
100 points, 3 turn CD

390/420 points used

That's about it.
Cooldown on Data Siphon? Yes, I'm being picky. XD
Cooldown added. To be fair, I probably would have forgotten to add it after anyway. It completely slipped my mind.
Well, here's hoping it will now be forever ingrained in your brain, even 30 years later when you're hitting your midlife crisis. Approved. XD