Fusion Restorer

Fusion Restorer: Heal for 45, 25 HP Casing (Under Object), 2TC

As a result of his observations and studies of the fusionist protoplasm, Suien began to more fully understand why he had mistakenly identified Rass as a recovery-type netnavi. The body of the Rapid Assimilation and Synthesis System is fluid and amorphous, but possesses a surprisingly high degree of stability. By sending a series of electronic impulses across the surface of the fusionist protoplasm, Rass can transform the gelatinous mass into a reconstructive agent that regenerates damaged data and hardens into a tough "second skin" when the repairs are complete. The hardening process occurs independently of the recovery process, which means that the protoplasm can be discharged and used as an adhesive for a different target before it becomes tough and armor-like. Fusion Restorer repairs damage to Rass' systems by 45 HP, and creates a hard shell plating that can absorb attacks. The casing can be discarded and fired before it hardens such that it is applied to a different target, be it object, friend, or foe. This casing can further be used to fuse objects into other objects or navis by acting as a protective sealant.

45 Heal (60) + 25 HP casing (20 with Summon-Type Bonus, intentionally undercosted by 1.67 for uniformity's sake) = 80 Cap Used

Remaining Cap: 20
Yay uniformity! Approved.