Bard's New Sigs

I have 340 points to play with being at the level 7 process level.


Da Capo: Bard plays a very simple and repeative song on her instrument. Once the song is finished to large repeat signs form beside Bard. They move out, each to one of her sides. Bard herself begins to shuffle about, forming decoys. The symbols disappear and she now has two decoys to confuse her opponets in battle.

Effect: 2 Decoys (40). 1TCD


Musical Bindings: Bard plays an aggressive song on her guitar. As she does so the strings come to life and whip about like snakes. As the strings are coming to life they each grow barbs, making them a lot like barbed wire. She sends them at a target to hold them in place, and deal damage to them with the barbs.

Effect: Hold (50) + 30 Damage. 2TCD


8th Note Dodge: Bard plays a shorter and faster verison of her dodge spell, which allows her to get the song completed more times in one action. Bard gains free dodge spells upon using this.

Effect: Dodge (40) + Dodge (40) 2TCD


Directors Baton: Bard's Raven comes to her side and begins one of its horrible transformations. It changes into a small directors baton. Bard take the baton and gently touchs a nearby enemy. This sends them flying in a random direction and deals damage. The Raven can use this on an opponet without Bard by turning into the baton and guiding itself.

Effect: 60 Damage + Knockback (10) 2TCD


SemiBreve: Bard has begun to learn the healing arts of her subtype and of the music she plays. Bard can play a short healing spell that heals minor wounds on her or her target. This is normally played with her main instrument.

Effect: 20 Heal to Target (20) 1TCD


False Music: Bard begins to play a spell that creates a false reality for the target. She can make this any number of things depending on the case. Bard can't keep the creation upheld for long.

Effect: Illusion (50) 2TCD
All sigs approved.
Due to subtype change, my healing sig is no longer the correct point cost. I am going to take this to revamp my sigs to reflect my new subtype.

New Subtype : Summon

Changing the following sigs:

Quote ()

Directors Baton: Bard's Raven becomes a directors baton. A simple touch hurts and sents the target flying. (Damage 60 + Knockback) 2TCD

SemiBreve: Bard uses her healing subtype to heal a target for minor damage. (20 Heal) 1TCD

False Music: Bard uses her music to create false sights before and opponet. (Illusion) 2TCD

Replacing with the following:

The Musician's Transport: Bard summons her disk back under herself to be used in battle. When she does this she can control it to mover her around the field as needed each turn. Once the object has taken its health in damage it disappears to be resummoned later, either in battle or for general walking.

4/3 Ratio

Object + Passive Movement on Object (20x3) + 20 HP = 80 points (Spending only 60) 2TCD

The Battle Drums (Snare): Bard Summons a snare drum object. The object sits on the ground and plays itself each turn. In doing so it hurts one enemy from casting a specific spell unto one target.

Object + Passive 20 Damage + 20 HP = 80 points (Spending only 60) 2TCD

I will have 20 points left over if this is accepted.
*tempted to go on strike*

All changes approved.