Signature Updates

Finally! More sigs! But man I feel like I have too many points...

Total points: 140

Glitch x1 0 points (Infected), 1 TCD
Ketsuban quickly codes and releases a string of virulent data, which attaches to a random target and does... something. He's not sure what, and he can't control it.

Total Spent: 0/140

Ping Flood
Slow x1. 40 points, 1 TCD
Ketsuban bombards a target with junk data, slowing them down for a round until the data flood stops.

Total Spent: 40/140, 100 left

Trace Packet
20 damage, Seeking. 40 Points, 1TCD
Ketsuban fires off a packet of data which erratically seeks and damages a target.

Total Spent: 80/140, 60 left

3-hit Shield. 60 Points, 2TCD
Ketsuban imbues his interface with a defensive program, allowing it to absorb 3 hits before the program shuts down.

Total Spent: 140/140
It feels like you have too many points at 140? Wow, you're going to go crazy later. Approved. XD