Imp Koncho

25 PUs
25x40+60=1060 pool
Lvl 30: 300 cap on each
Will O' Wisp Entourage: 160
Alien Patchwork: 80
Demon Brutality: 200
Majin Eye Beams: 300
Ifrit Enchanted Rings: 240
Total Used: 980
Total Left Over: 80

Here goes my last 80 points:

Imp Koncho: Majinman quickly moves behind his target, clasps his hands together, extends his index fingers, and shoves the pair towards the target's rear. This sends them flying and also a random side-effect. (Movement, Microburst, Bug, 2 Turn CD)

Movement: 20
Microburst: 40
Bug: 20
80 points total
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