Plasma Shield & Tesla Pulse

Starting Pool: (300/460)

Name: Plasma Shield [Passive]
Description: Machman summons a nearly invisible shield of plasma around one side of his body, capable of blocking an attack.
Point Summary: 1hit Shield (20) + Passive (x4) = 80pts

Name: Tesla Pulse
Description: Aera builds up a massive amount of electrical energy, which is then released in one blast as it overloads the capacitor programs in her body. The resulting overload causes Aera to discharge the capacitors at once and create a pulse of electricity and magnetism. This "EMP-esque" blast is capable of momentarily scrambling the core programming of anything in it's path, which can cause severe disorientation, motor skill disruption, and even behavioral changes.
Point Summary: Confusion (80) + 2TCD =80pts

Remaining Pool: (460/460)
Approved and approved.