New Sigattacks for a New Navi

These are, I think, all strictly by-the-book.

480 points

cap 140/20

Predator's Gaze - One of the pair moves in for an opening strike; the other patiently waits for the perfect time to follow through with a surprise shift in fighter and weapon type, i.e. blade to bow or vice versa.

10 damage, Slow, Take Aim, Strengthen 20
80 points, 2TCD

Unison Flow - Titania and Oberon temporarily separate, though the one who was not fighting remains invisible and essentially non-existent on the battlefield. This way, one partner is able to disappear as the other seems to appear out of nowhere to continue the fight.

Teleport, Take Aim, Strengthen 20
80 points, 2TCD

Boundless Strike - Titania and Oberon harness both of their power to unleash an earthshattering blow, throwing two Navis' worth of physical force into a concentrated smash. Both Titania and Oberon are experts at using this surprise strike as a lead attack for a combo.

10 damage, Microburst, Take Aim, Strengthen 20
80 points, 2TCD

Tandem Surge - For just a few moments, Titania and Oberon fight almost completely independently of each other, yet they occupy more or less the same space. This technique, however, is very destructive to their overall Navi integrity.

Strengthen 120, Buster Crash 60
60 points, 3TCD

Dominance Gambit - Titania and Oberon attempt to completely overwhelm an enemy with rapid switching and circling maneuvers. They are adept at confusing the target of this technique and forcing it to waste energy focusing on a target that soon will not be there, but they concentrate totally on executing this move and are relatively unable to defend themselves from outside attack.

4x Stun, Self Slow 40
80 points, 3TCD

Sympathetic Duplicity - Titania and Oberon, temporarily existing in the same space, both lash out with an energy-draining attack that takes the form of a glowing energy field. If this attack connects with an enemy, it temporarily links Titania/Oberon with the target and blasts both parties with barely controlled energy.

Drain 60, Buster Crash 60
60 points, 3TCD

Double Aegis - Both Titania and Oberon prepare to deploy defensive techniques; when one is pierced, the two immediately switch so that a second parry can be made. The switch then reverts, unless Titania/Oberon willfully continue fighting with the other form.

2x Shield
40 points, 1TCD
Now awaiting judgement.
Judgment'd, all approved.