Ifrit Enchanted Rings

25 PUs
25x40+60=1060 pool
Lvl 30: 300 cap on each

Iftrit Enchanted Rings: Majinman detaches his earrings and increases their size to about two feet in diameter. He then throws them through the air, making them spin fast enough to cut through objects and controlling them with hand motions. After making one pass, they make a return run through the enemy lines before coming back to their master once again. (60x4 Heat/Slashing, 6 Turn CD)

Slashing is free, so 240 points.
Now then, just to summarize the whole of what I've registered, so that you Admin-types can be sure I have the points, here's a quick run down:

Will O' Wisp Entourage: 160
Alien Patchwork: 80
Demon Brutality: 200
Majin Eye Beams: 300
Ifrit Enchanted Rings: 240
Total Used: 980

80 points left over. Any issues?
Bump for this one and the other four.
Approval #5, and no issues. I got the same numbers as you.