Bards Sigs

Once I get my upgrades from the store, I will have a pool of 180. So I am going to reigster my sigs under that pool.

50/180 Musical Bindings 2TCD

Bard brings out her piccolo and begins to play a song. To the target the song sounds welcoming, and comforting. The target lowers its defenses once the comforting music overtakes their thoughts. Bard quickly changes the song from the nice pleasant beat, to one of sharp notes, and quick rises in pitch. Physical Music staffs emit from her piccolo and rush and grab for the target. They attempt to pull the target to the ground, binding them in place.

Hold (50)

130/180 Syncopation2TCD

Bard places one hand upon her bongo, and pulls the piccolo near her mouth. She starts playing the most random, and out of control beat. The bongos and the piccolo don't match, all of the piccolo's notes are horribly high pitches and ear piercing. On top of all that, she is singing notes that just make no sence and her crow is cawing loudly. The tempo of this confusing song is remarkably fast. The intended target is the only one who can hear this as bard blasts the beat right into their minds. This causes confusion.

Confusion (80)

180/180 (Directors Baton) 2TCD

Bard pulls out her piccolo for this attack. She plays a upbeat and powerful song, to make a sword be summoned from her piccolo. The swords expands from the piccolo until it is the size of an average sword. Bard then finishes her song with a spell that reactivates her disk under her. The disk comes to life and sends her rushing at the target, sword in hand. She attempts to cut the target with the powerful attack, before returning to her orginial place on the ground. This is one of Bard few physical attacks.

Damage 50

There ya go. The last one will get more to it later as I get more process upgrades, but I really liked the ideaof a sword from an instrument xD.
Musical Bindings should have a 2 turn cooldown, although I'm guessing that was just a typo since you got the other 50 point sig right. That's the only issue.
Yes It was just a typo, corrected it.
Alright then, everything's approved.