The Sniper Patch

Here's some sigs for my new navi.

Maximum pool of (400/420)

Vampire's Happy Silver Bullet: Either the Fallch & Lessr or the Queen's Lady is loaded with this ammunition. The round stains the area around the entry point with Ran's symbol, transferring and converting the damage to heal herself. (80 point: Drain attack for 40) 2TCD

The Hazard Shuffle: Ran's sniper reflexes allow her to subconsciously weave away from attacks that strike her, minimising the damage by half for a short duration. Unfortunately, break attacks cause her to lose focus. (40 point: Hardbody effect) 1TCD

Sunny Day In A Foreign Country: Ran launches a golden shell out of the Nimbus Hammer. It flies up in into the sky, detonating into a brilliant sunshine. This artificial sun causes the target to suffer from severe jetlag, resulting in the target's dodges to become less effective. (80 point: Slow effect 1 target, 2 turn) 2TCD

Hail Of Tomorrow's Hallowed Service: Using the Fallch & Lessr, Ran fires a quickfire barrage of armour-piercing shots at her target. (80 point: Multi-hit for 1 x 60 damage, Break effect for 20) 2TCD

Temporal Severing Technique: A special technique used when in close combat. With a few words of power, the blade of the Sentinel of Doubt glows a fierce red, ghostly steam rising off the metal. The strike displaces the target's position, making it appear in a different location. (40 point: Knockback effect for 10, 30 damage) 1TCD

Regretful Prophet: If the enemy has gotten too close for comfort, Ran can pull a flashbang from her bag and give them a face-full of stars for a while. She uses this time to retreat to a more advantageous position. (80 point: Blind effect 1 target/1 turn, Movement) 2TCD
Everything seems to be in order, so approved.

*hands Lego his ammo clip*