Current Pool: 300 used/380 max
Current Cap: 100/150 Nerf/20 Passive

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(Mar 07-15:23) Chat-Admin: IMPORTANTE: Can I kill Chorus dead without a Sig Edit? It technically never followed the rules anyway.
(Mar 07-15:24) Chat-Admin: I asked Harbin who said to ask you.
(Mar 07-15:24) PaladinGC: Please do.

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Active: Chorus.
Chorus is an odd sig which starts off with, like most of Soundman's sigs... music. A soft, subtle tune that starts out with one single note, repeated at a volume that can only be heard if specifically looking for it. And then another note. And another note. And another. These notes, these attacks, form an underplaying melody that is nearly impossible to hear; but it is there. And when this song reaches its' chorus...

Well, let's just say things get a little hectic.

((Throughout battles from now on, (Usually boss fights) Soundman will label actions as 'CHORUS>STORE:(action here)'. This means that these actions will be stored and held back until Soundman uses Chorus, at which point he'll unleash them all in a huge burst of speed. In addition, when Soundman unleashes the stored actions, he will gain Haste for the turn. 1 TCD.))

This is change #1. Haste is the only effect with a cost in that pile of crap, and it costs 40.

Current Pool: 260 used/380 max
Current Cap: 100/150 Nerf/20 Passive

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Active: Cesura
For a moment, any music or sounds that Soundman is playing stop, causing an almost relaxed silence to fill the air... they then resume immediately afterward.
(Heat Sink x2)
[40x2 = 80 = 2 TCD]

Current Pool: 340 used/380 max
Current Cap: 100/150 Nerf/20 Passive

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Melody Active: Strum
Soundman strums Melody's strings once, sending out a wave of sound at enemies.
(Damage 40)
[40 = 1 TCD]

Current Pool: 380 used/380 max
Current Cap: 100/150 Nerf/20 Passive
Er, damn, I can't find that clause that makes me punch you in the face.

Alright, then. Whatever. Approved.