Pool: (530/540)

Name: Pole Strike. (60 points): 60 Damage [CD: 2]
Description: Capuchin's pole extends and she immediatley whacks the enemy with it.

Name: Wise Monkey Technique- See no Evil (120 points): Blind (60) + 60 DMG [CD: 3]
Description: Capuchin's golden eye is known to give off a certain glow

Name: Wise Monkey Technique- Hear No Evil (130 points): Confusion (80) + Illusion (50) [CD: 4]
Description: Capuchin summons her staff yet grasps it where the metal bulb faces on the ground. Using her ability to make the pole large or big, she commands the metal bulb to grow in size. When as big as her head, Capuchin slams the bulb on the ground, creating an incredibly horrid ear splitting noise, as if they were under a church bell as it was rung. The sound wave is so powerful, it can confuse an enemy along with making them see things that aren't there.

Name: Wise Monkey Technique- Speak No Evil (140 points): Silence (80) + 60 DMG [CD: 4]
Description: Capuchin summons her pole and lengthens it a bit. Gripping it in one arm, she aim's for the opponent of her choosing and launches the pole straight at their face. If it makes contact (preferrably the mouth) the pole will explode, silencing the enemy and making them unable to use chips.

Name: Wise Monkey Technique- Do no Evil (80 points): Passive Movement (20x4)
Description: Capuchin's final wise monkey move consists of rapid attacks against an opponent. Mostly, it would hit enemies in the most VITAL of areas and places where it hurts the most. It somewhat differs for each opponent yet it consists of speedy attacks that are used with her aerobic skills.