SCRAM Boost, Rising Barrage, and Overwatch

Starting Pool: 60/300 Max sig cap (level 18): 180

SCRAM Boost: Machman teleports to another location in an attempt to avoid enemy fire or get behind the enemy. (Teleport (50)+ 2TCD) [110/300]

Rising Barrage: Machman approaches his target and opens fire with a vulcan cannon. After attacking, Machman moves to a better position, ready to attack again. (4x 25dmg (100) Breaking (20) + Tactical Movement (20) + 4TCD) [250/300]

Overwatch: Machman jettisons several sensors that scatter throughout the field, allowing him to see different views of the battlefield he normally wouldn't be able to see. (Passive Take Aim (40) once per turn) [290/300]

EDIT: Upgrading Thrust Laser Sig

Thrust Laser: Machman fires two crimson beams towards his targets. (35dmg x2 (70) + 2TCD) [300/300]