Summon: Column

Using Process Edit to Scrap Summon: Column...

Maybe it'll come back someday, but for now it's not worth it. : (

And now my pool is

Remaining Pool: 100/460

So I'll register:

Summon: Hawk — SummonerMan summons a Hawk who can fly about the battlefield. Strangely enough, the hawk can relay things it sees or learns to SummonerMan, which allows him to gain info even if he can't see it as well. The Hawk has 10 Health, and its communication ability comes up as a passive Take Aim for SummonerMan.

(Object Summon 10 HP [10] + Movement(passive)[60] + Take Aim(passive)[30] — 100 Pool [100])

Cap: 140/210 (25)
Pool Used: 100
Remaining Pool: 0/460
Column has changed class! Column is now Hawk! Hawk is approved!