Summon: Med.Tower Upgrade

Sig Upgrade:

Minor Stat-based, pretty major fluff change.


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Summon: Medicinal Tower — SummonerMan summons a small tower. It stands at about 3 feet tall, is smooth, shaped almost like a Post-office Mailbox, except without the legs or opening. It is white, but adorned with a red cross on both the front and back. It fires a healing ray of red energy at the ally with the least remaining health, restoring 15 HP. However, it can also be directed to a specific target, based on its programming.

(OBJECT SUMMON[Automated] = 60 HP[40] + 15 heal(Passive)[60] — 80 Pool — BusterLock [40] = 0 = Balanced)

Summon: Medicinal Tower — 60 HP, 15 Heal each rd, BusterLock; 3 TCD


Summon: Nurse — SummonerMan summons a Nurse. This nice young woman travels the battlefield, healing those in need. She wears a nurse's cap, complete with a red cross. She also wears a long white coat, buttoned down one side, which ends halfway down her shins. She carries around a white First Aid Kit, with the familiar red cross adorning this, as well. She has 20 HP, and may move around to heal one target for 15 HP each turn.

(Object Summon 20 HP [20] + 15 Heal(passive)[60] + Movement(passive)[60] — 140 Pool [140])

Cap: 140/210 (25)
Used: 140 (80 already used)
Remaining Pool: 20/460
Medicinal Tower has changed class! Medicinal Tower is now Nurse! Nurse is approved!