New Signature Attack Rules

Well, it's been six months, and there were some changes to the sig rules, so I'm modifying accordingly.

Caps: 180 (270) / 30

Points: 540/580

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Old: Thank God It's Friday.
Mechanics: 5 DMG attack directed at one opponent of choice. (5)
+24 Empower (60)
Cooldown: 2 turns
65 points total

I'm completely scrapping this, so...

540-65 = 475/580

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Old: Strawberry Hail
Mechanics: Passive Regen 5 (80 points)

NEW: Sunshiny Day
Description: Everyone knows every kids needs a good amount of sunshine in their life. Shin has modified the old Strawberry Hail program to do just that for his childish navi. A beacon of warm light that follows Red around soothes the data in Red's system, luring data back to their original positions, thus healing the red-caped wonder.

Mechanics: Passive 15 Healing (20x4) = (80)

Points Remaining: 475/580

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Old: Demonic Chocolate Maelstrom
Mechanics: Deals 100 DMG to one target and poisons opponent for 2 turns.
Cooldown: 4 turns
Points: 140

NEW: Demonic Chocolate Maelstrom
Description: Red takes a deep breath and then yells "DEMONIC CHOCOLATE MAELSTROM!" and fires a giant blast made out of toxic, scalding hot chocolate out of her mouth at one enemy, burning and damaging the opponent on contact.

Mechanics: 100 DMG and 20 DMG for two turns afterward.
Points: 140

Points Remaining: 475/580
*brings in a yuletide approval*