Winston Percival and Silent Night


Name: Winston James Percival III

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Percival is tall, about 6'5. He weighs about 180 pounds with tanned skin marred by scars he got in fights from his service in the army. He has green eyes and very disheveld black hair than hangs over his face as well as a beard which is seemingly kept in a state of starting messiness. He always wears the same black jumpsuit and always has a cigarette in his mouth and alcohol in his hands. (ignore the gun for the purposes of this game, he has no real world gun that matters)

(Personality: Percival is a veteran black ops and sniper member of the army, he is very arrogant and rather prone to violence used to solve his problems. However he is by no means stupid and is actually hyper intelligent ESPECIALLY while drunk which he nearly always is. He does enjoy debating with other operators and can be counted on as a loyal friend if you befriend him
PET Modifications: Obsidian black with a silver trim, it has a handle specifically designed to only fit Percival's hand


Name: Silent Night


Element: Wood

Type: Cursor

Appearance: Silent Night is a very obvious woman. Percival was attempting to clone himself in Navi form but messed up just a little. Silent night has Jet black shimmering hair that falls down to her bum which she normally leaves straight and loose. She is tanned to the same degree as Percival and has jade green eyes. She is about 5'6 and 110 pounds well toned. She is very well endowed which is often both hilarious and unfortunate given that she is programmed to always wear a spandex jumpsuit much like Percival.

Personality: When Percival made her he was attempting to clone himself, however a slight error instead made the Navi a woman, this of course annoyed Percival but he decided to keep her when he discovered she still retained his love for violence. Silent Night is a seductress, she can often be found attempting to seduce other Navis to do her work for her, when she is in a battle though she is a perfect and battle hardened stoic warrior, weakness is not allowed nor is mercy or pity. She prefers to kill first and worry about minor things like capturing or information later, she is loyal to her friends and fearesome to her enemies.

Custom Weapon: Her arm cannon has been replaced by what appears to be a normal hand, however on the very tips of the fingers there are small holes that blast the energy out, the energy combines to form whatever the cannon is firing outside the hand.

Signature Attack: Quiet Dawn: Silent night's left arm turns into a silver sniper rifle, she takes careful aim and launches 3 shots two for 20 damage and one for 30. These three shots can be divided up however. 2 turn cool down
EDIT: Ninja needs to STFU. It WAS a comission, was it. DX


Noob Chip pack! Shotgun x1, Cannon x1, Rageclaw x1.
Noob NaviCust pack! Undershirt x1, Attack +1 x1, Charge +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1.