Sig Addition / Changes

Sig Point Pool: 200/380
Sig Limit: 140


Bona ex Angelus (Blessing from the Angel) = +40 [240/380]
Retairius Triden: Voulge's Lancea transforms into a strange trident along with a metal net. The trident is light and completely gold, but the sharpness of the blade isn't as great compare to Lancea's other transformation. The main function of this weapon is not to damage the enemy, but to pin down them down limb by limb. Along with his trident, Voulge aims for legs, arms, or even the neck of the enemy(If the enemy isn't a humanoid, he will improvise) and throws the heavy metal net over the helpless enemy. This could go vice-versa with the net first and trident second. When he transforms the weapon, an arm guard, shoulder guard, and a full helm is added to his armor for a brief moment.

[Hold {50} / Stun {30} / Slow {40} / 3TCD] {120} +120
Phalanx Aspis: Voulge raises his Lancea and points where the enemies are facing. In a blink of an eye, a row of gigantic circular shields rises from the ground and forms a tightly packed straight line in front of Voulge. As the signature attack grows stronger and stronger, more shield lines are formed, the quality of the shield increases, and it's reinforced with spears in each opening of the shields.

[1-hit Shield {20} / 1TCD] {20} +20


Grandis Attero (Great Impact)

[60 Damage {60} / Break {20} / Melee {Free} / 2TCD] {80pts}
[[b]80 Damage {80}[/b] / Break {20} / Impact {20} / Melee {Free} / 3TCD] {120pts} +40
Bona ex Diabolus (Blessing from the Devil)

[30 Damage (Life Drain) {60} / Melee {Free} / 2TCD] {60}
[[b]60 Damage (Life Drain) {120}[/b] / Melee {Free} / 3TCD] {120} +60


200/380 [+40]

120+20+40+60 = 240

Looks Acceptable.