It's time for the sig attack shuffle!

with a new sig upgrade comes new attacks

name: Dagger typhoonnew
5 DMG x16
slashing - 0
total - 80
description: Pulling out a huge number of daggers, Void launches them at multiple targets.
name: Soul Jar old, ignore
20 drain(40 points)
20 Impact
60 ponts
description: Void's imp now has a large jar on his back, and can be seen for the duration of the sig. This sig goes in two stages while using the same effect. First Imp appears on the battlefield With his jar. the lid opens, and deals 20 drain to one target or 10 to 2. Second, the imp now has the hp stored in the jar, and can give it to any player on any turn afterwards. if the battle ends before it is used, the souls in the jar are wasted. also, the cool down begins AFTER the souls are used for healing. aside from the initial attacks and healing the imp cannot affect or be affected by the battle in any other way.
Slam fist(cause real navi's use their fists)old, ignore
60 dmg
20 break
total - 80
description: Imp decides to lend a hand. Opening up his jar, Imp has an extremly large arm reach out and slam an opponent.
Soul pinchanged
hold - 50 points
30 Dmg - 30
slashing - 0 points
80 points
description: Void throws a special dagger. upon hitting a target, it phases through and hits the ground behind them. After exiting the body, there appears to be a chain leading from the navi to the dagger. Both the chain and dagger fade into smoke at the end of the turn.
300/300 used
Everything looks clear to me. Your points for individual sigs add up, they have legal effects, none break cap, correct cooldowns, you're at your MAX cap, but not over it, and nothing looks illegal.