Sig points: 100
Sig points used: 60
Max cap: 60 [15]

Name: Auto-turret
Description: Raider gathers his power into his hand, which starts sparkling, and then he points at the future location of the turret. The sparkling leaves off, and the turret materializes. (a bit lice how the protoss summons building). It looks like a pair of guns, it has two barrels, firing 30mm AP bullets, which explode upon inpack. It has a laser aiming in order to make as much attack hit as possible.

Object summoning: 10HP + 10 DMG [10+3*10 = 40 points]

Sig points used: 100

(hope I did everithing properly)
Since you multiplied the damage by 3, I'm going to assume that the damage is passive. Approved, and just mark the damage as passive.