Summon: Manhole Cover

Remaining pool: 60/340

Summon: Manhole Cover - SummonerMan summons a manhole cover from a summoning card that he lays on the ground. Upon activation, a hole instantly opens up in the ground, causing whatever is standing over the hole to fall in. The hole is approximately 15 feet deep and 5 feet in diameter, and has ladder rungs, like a sewer entrance should. It doesn't open into a sewer though, it's just a smooth, dark, subterranean column. The manhole cover itself, which fills the entrance to the hole, has 30 HP. As logic would dictate, it can be removed

(OBJECT SUMMON [Passive] = 30 HP [30] + 1 time Small-area Terrain effect (1 Panel Broken)[10] — 40 Pool [-40] = 0 = Balanced. 1 turn cooldown)

Summon: Manhole Cover — 30 HP, traps target in hole; 2 TCD

Pool Used: 40
Remaining Pool: 20/340
Cap: 100(150)/20
Broken is still in that "gray area" of terrain changes, but I personally have no problem with it, especially when it's just one panel. Approved.