Summon: Medicinal Tower

Remaining Pool: 140/340

Summon: Medicinal Tower — SummonerMan summons a small tower. It stands at about 3 feet tall, is smooth, shaped almost like a Post-office Mailbox, except without the legs or opening. It is white, but adorned with a red cross on both the front and back. It fires a healing ray of red energy at the ally with the least remaining health, restoring 15 HP. However, it can also be directed to a specific target, based on its programming.

(OBJECT SUMMON[Automated] = 60 HP[40] + 15 heal(Passive)[60] — 80 Pool — BusterLock [40] = 0 = Balanced)

Summon: Medicinal Tower — 60 HP, 15 Heal each rd, BusterLock; 3 TCD

Pool Used: 80
Remaining Pool: 60/340
Caps: 100(150)/20
I'm just going to assume that the "60 HP[40]" thing a typo since the total adds up right. It's approved under that assumption, but I'll leave the topic open if you meant something else.
Well, as I don't know which way you took the type (Though I'll assume this way, as it is how the math adds up) I'll clarify and say that I meant for it to say 60 HP[60], and have 60 HP.

I suppose I'll await a reinsurance on approval, then, before assuming that this is all set.
*thumbs up*