Signature Attack Changes

Pool: 100/340
Scrapped: Summon: Block, using my Process Edit
Pool: 140/340


Quote (Original)

Summon: Arrow Tower — SummonerMan summons a stone Arrow Tower from one of his summoning cards. When this card is activated, the tower, reaching approximately 10 feet in height, with a square base that shrinks as it approaches the top. There is a gap of approximately three inches near the top, which would be where the arrows are launched from. It launches an arrow every round at one enemy, who can be in any direction. The arrows do 20 damage. The only downside of this move is that it draws energy from SummonerMan's buster system on creation, disabling said system for two rounds.

(OBJECT SUMMON[Automated] = 60 HP[60] + Passive 20 dmg Arrow [60] — 80 Pool — BusterLock [40] = 0 = Balanced

Summon: Arrow Tower — 60 HP, 20 dmg arrow fired every round, BusterLock; 3 TCD


Summon: Turret — SummonerMan summons a turret. This small tower features a white, circular head, with a thinner supporting beam. This support beam can be extended or collapsed in order to allow for shooting targets at different heights. However, in general, the whole thing stands at about 3 feet. It generally attaches itself to whatever solid surface the card is laid on, like the panel or possible another object. If not laid on a surface, it has a circular base that is approximately equal in size to the head. Otherwise it is slightly thinner, and bolted to whatever surface it is on. The nozzle is black, and somewhat wide. It fires four rounds at the enemy forces every round. It fires 4 shots at the enemies every round, dealing 5 damage each. It generally targets four different enemies, chosen seemingly at random, but based on its programming can be instructed to do otherwise.

(OBJECT SUMMON[Automated] = 60 HP[60] + 5 dmg bullet(Passive)[15] + 5 dmg bullet(Passive)[15] + 5 dmg bullet(Passive)[15] + 5 dmg bullet(Passive)[15] — 80 Pool — BusterLock [40] = 0 = Balanced

Summon: Turret — 60 HP, 4x 5 dmg bullets fired every round, BusterLock; 3 TCD

Remaining Pool: 140/340
Caps: 100(150)/20