"New" rules

So, yeah, I know that announcement about Regen and 1-hit was a while ago, but I've been AFK a bit, eh? So, the new changes:

Old: Passive 1-Hit Barrier
New: Passive 20 HP Barrier
Change in Point cost: N/A
Reason for Change: 1-Hit Barriers now Illegal as Sig Effect.

Old: Passive Regen1
New: Passive 20 HP heal
Change in point cost: 20*4 to 26.67*4 (26.67 point increase. And I doublechecked my math. But I'll round to 107 in the final point cost for simplicity's sake)
Reason for change: Regen1 now Illegal as Sig Effect, 20's a more round number to heal than 15.

Electric Blaze
Old: 100 Elec Damage
New: 70 Elec Damage
Change in point cost: 100 to 70
Reason for change: Point cost decreased to facilitate for increase in cost for Dynamo.

So, yeash? Everything looks good?
I'd go for 15 just because the points are easier to figure out, but whatever. It's your sig pool, in the end. As long as you're rounding UP on that, you're good to go.