Your Majesty's Power

En Garde
Passive Sig
Desc: A guarding type attack used by Majesty's sword. This is counted as an X-hit Shield because of the mighty blade and hilt of her weapon causing her to react to deflect and stop an attack in it's tracks. However, if one were to be a very rough breaking type attack, she would surely suffer damage from the hit since she is more of the fragile speedy navi she is not very good with dealing with overwhelming power unless she's matching it with her own. Breaking type attacks would throw her off balance thus making the attack cause and suffer damage.
(X-Hit Shield - 20 x4 Passive = 80 Sig Points)


Majestic Mach Slash
Active Sig
Desc: A very quick attack that is so fast one would think Majesty is teleporting. This speedy attack allows her to strike units as she pass from one side of the field to the other. She uses a multitude of slices to strike her enemies while getting out of the range of other attacks in the blink of an eye. An astounding example of her speed and power in one.
(Teleport 50 - Damage 30(3 Slashes for selected target(s)))
140 Sig Points
4 Turn-CD


Burst Blade
Active Sig
Desc: A sword slice that decimates the air to the point that it seems like it slicing space itself. A turbulence of wind rushes after the attack makes it's strike causing a massive push forward to strip the opponent of any defensive barriers or even auras that would be hard to impenetrate.
(20 Damage - 20 NorthWind - 40 Microburst)
80 Sig Points
2 Turn-CD


Quick Crimson
Active Sig
Desc: A fencing move that not only gets in close, but renders the opponent unprepared for almost anything. Majesty moves in close using her superior speed and then makes a swift poke of her sword to stun the opponent by aiming for the limbs that ready for an attack to give a sharp stinging and stunning sensation upon the desired target. This prepares her for a follow up attack as well as she keeps her focus to perhaps thrust with her rapier or switch to a more powerful weapon to use.
(Damage 20 - Stun 30 - Tactical Movement 20 - Aim 10)
80 Sig Points
2 Turn-CD


Blitz Fencing
Active Sig
Desc: A slash that is inflicted to at least one thru two targets. While running and building momentum, Majesty draws her weapon as she slashes in a figure eight flow cutting an enemy on each side of her or perhaps one in front and another distant as she passes. With this attack, she is able to remain mobile and keep speed meant for dodging in coming strikes while dealing some damage.
(Haste 40 - 40 Slashing Damage (Two Slashes))
120 Sig Points
3 Turn-CD


Sig Points used - 500
Total Left - 40 around there somewhere
Just some quick notes:

En Garde - Shields are breakable, so unless you make this sig add some sort of protective layer to the sword, Majesty's gonna be losing her weapon if you use this. Also, you forgot to include the cooldown on this one.

Majestic Mach Slash - Really insignificant, but I'd like you to change Warp to Teleport, just to prevent any possible confusion of people looking for a non-existant Warp effect. <__<

Quick Crimson - Tactical Movement is just Movement now, but other than that, no problems.

That's all. No major changes, really. Just make those tweaks and I'll send them through.
EnGarde: The first one is noted as passive. Furthemore, I left out the note that Majestic will always be a powerful blade that won't be shattered, but if hit with a breaking attack it will go through, because all breaking attacks will throw off her balance upon contact since her weapon can't stand for them.

Majestic Mach Slash: Edited.

Quick Crimson: Noted but not edited out of laziness.
Still forgot to put En Garde's cooldown, but screw it, you can do that on your own time. Approved.

(Note: En Garde is Passive! It's always in effect! >_<)
... Ugh.

*closes thread before he can embarass himself again*