Thank God It's Friday.

Current Pool: 395/460

Name: Thank God It's Friday (probably just called T.G.I.F.)

Description: Red, being the usually cheery navi that she is, sometimes overloads with happiness, so much so, that she can't contain her excitement.
Thus, T.G.I.F was born.
Brimming with positive energy, something of a glowing crimson aura emanates from Red_Riding_Hood.exe's body as she shouts, "THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!" though Shin will usually correct her on the actual name of the current day. The shout is filled with such relief, overexcitement, and happiness, that it probably hurts a bystanding opponent. The glowing red aura around the navi continues with the red-caped wonder until the end of the round, where she might be engaging in song and dance, or in this case, battle.

Remember kids, sugar highs can do CRAAAAZY things.

Mechanics: 5 DMG attack directed at one opponent of choice. (5)
+24 Empower (60)
Cooldown: 2 turns

Points spent: 65

Final Pool: 460/460

And, yeah, sugar highs.... scary stuff. =P