Shutter Vacuum

Current cap: 60 (90)

Shutter Vacuum

Magna makes a grab at the target with its left hand and opens up the shutter on its palm. The shutter then begins sucking in the target's data, converting it into healing for Magna. This can only be done with Magna's left hand, because the shutter used for charge attacks is the only one that has the power to keep up a consistant vacuum. However, since the shutter is designed for output, adapting it to suck in that much data causes a slight recoil on Magna.

Sacrifice 15 HP (Raise cap to 80)
Life Drain 40 damage/40 Healing (80 points)

Total: 40 damage/Heal 25 HP

Points spent: 80 - 20(nerf) = 60

Pool before Shutter Vacuum: (60/140)
Pool after Shutter Vacuum: (120/140)
You don't spend extra pool for using nerfs. Care to change?
What, really? It can raise my cap AND count as those points? I thought it was one or the other. Well, if you say so, I'll change it.