Kira breaker assault

Allright, breaker attack take 2... and action!


Description: Functions like the Tekkai burst sig, big Kira takes on a completely ethereal form, making her immune to damage. This does not limit her attacks however, as she proceeds to go berserk and attack the opponent with a flurry of blows for several rounds.
Effect: 20+break every round for 3 rounds, 15 hp to initiate. 3 turns cooldown when effects end. (20+20)+x3-20=100
"making her immune to damage"

She's not a solid thing, she's just an attack. Like a phoenix shot or an explosion. You cant shoot bullets at an explosion or another bullet.
I could word it differently to clarify that it's an attack, not something you can hit.
Ok, how's this?

Summons kira in an ethereal form who proceeds to assault the opponent with a flurry of blows and kicks.
Psst, Demon. Kira isn't his Navi. Kira is a summoned spirit that aids his Navi in combat....Formed from blood or something.
Exactly what I was going for, so any thoughts?
Works for me. Approved.