Harmonic Barrier Change

Never did update since the sig effects change has gone into effect.

Just looking to change my sig from a 60-hp Barrier to a 3-hit Barrier.

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Harmonic Barrier (3-hit barrier)CD: 2
- Description: Resonance strikes his tuning fork with enough force that a continuous wall of sound builds up around himself. The barrier constantly pulses with the tone used until struck. Physical objects or navis (i.e. melee or weapon strikes) are redirected harmlessly to the side. Physical projectiles do the same or, if small enough, vibrate enough so that the fall to pieces upon contact with the wall. Energy projectiles entering the wall dissipate. Each contact with the wall causes a large ripple and decreases the amplitude of the soundwave until eventual dissipation.

Total Pool Points Used: 60/60
Wiggly Tuneforks! Resonance! Tones!