Eternal Consumation

Eternal Consumation: A constant stream of information is fed into Bugman's headpiece, mostly for collecting information but also heals for 5HP a turn. (20P)

Bugman's cap= Maximum (Max Nerf) / Passive = 100 (150) / 20

Passive healing, 5HP a turn.

Pool usage: 20/300

((Also, Bit Drain is pending.))
(Healing is not a 1 point healing=1 point cap. Fix please)

Quote (Them Happy Rules)

Regeneration: 20 (Per round, per target, stackable) [Regenerate 5HP / Action]

And I... don't see where you came up with the 1=1 bit. It's a passive regeneration which, according to the rules, is 20 points for 5HP an action. And I believe that's a turn for passive.
(Lego, let me clarify. Regeneration costs 20 points normally, 80 of passive. It recovers 5 health every time you use an action.
Healing recovers a set amount each turn, say, FIVE HP OR SO. It also has a 15:20 healing:points ratio.

So it's a recovery for every action during that turn? I see where you get the 80 points from, but then if it was for 1 action a turn, 20 points, it would be 15 healing?
(Passives require no action to use.
So for every action you use, you'd recover 5. So yes, 80 points of cap, for a 20 point passive sig, that recovers 15 a turn.)
So, could there be a passive, 20 point sig that healed every turn?
(It would be 80 toward the cap, seeing as it's passive. And, being level 6, yoiu have exactly a passive cap of 20.
Go for it.
I would suggest Regen, though, because although both cost 20, Regen can heal up to 30, if you have 6 actions, while 20 points of healing will always be 15 HP.)
Hmm. Medic explained it all to me, and it seems I can't make a helpful passive sig at this point in time, therefore this topic is redundant.

Thanks, P.A.
Closed. See me if you need more help.

And kudos to Medic for helping out.