Revoking Sigs.

As these two signature attacks are illegal (Elemental blade), or might be questionable (parry) to my knowledge, I would like to revoke them and rework them into legal format.

This would be 140+120 points reclaimed, with me having a total of 400 points to throw abouts.

Sword Class Processes:

Quote (Sword Skill)

Sword Form:Elemental Blade:

Elemental Blade draws forth the power of the panels surrounding Seraphim, lending him their power. It draws form and function from Seraphim's buster system, allowing him to make the equivalent of a buster attack on his foes with the power of the element of the ground, or in the case of one or two, it helps Seraphim through simple buffing.


[1:] Drains 5% of selected land that Seraphim is standing on, directing it into his weapon.The affected land is returned to normal panel status. With this, Seraphim's weapon receives bonuses beyond belief. Well, maybe in his mind, but it adds effects to his weapon for the attack that wouldn't normally be there.

[2:] Deals (Attack*Rapid*Charge)+Effects listed below, defined by the panel absorbed.

[3:] Panel List:

-Standard Terrain

-Fire + Burn.

-Aqua + Bind.

-Aqua + Freeze.

-Elec + Break.

-Wood + Confusion.

-Fire + Blind.

-Null + Group Attack.

- Null + Poison 2 (10 per action for 1 turn)

-Null + Life Drain for 1/2

-Elec + Homing

-Null + Dispel.

-Null + Northwind.

Turn Cooldown:
-4 CD

Quote (Sword Skill)

Sword Form:Parry:

Parry Is one of the defense functions of the 'Sword' format 'Class'. It allows Seraphim to throw off an attacker when they attack him, throwing them off with a swift toss in order to emulate that of a swordfighter, a sort of Riposte that causes no damage to them, but sends them skidding backward. Whenever someone hits Seraphim's blocking weapon, he immediately counters with a knockback, pushing them backward with both 'magic' and strength, if they are at melee range, or simply 'magic' if they are using ranged attacks.


[1:] Seraphim generates a 20 HP defense per turn. This is passive, and does not use any of his limited signatures per turn.

[2:] When this 20 HP defense is attacked, Seraphim immediately hits out at the person who attacked him for a Knockback without any damage.

Turn Cooldown
-This Signature is Passive, and thus does not have a Cooldown.
In exchange:

220(330) Max cap

Buster base shot *4 (40*4=160) + Knockback * 4 (10*4=40) + Homing (40) = 240

Nerf: Life Burn*2 (20*2=40), Self Slow (40)= 160 total

Quote (Gunner Skill)

Gunner Form:Flux Burst:

Flux Burst... Best described as a 'Curving Laser Shotgun'. It fires an all in one laser burst, which fires like buckshot, seemingly going in random directions, until the shots actually arc and fire back at the opponent, provided they miss. The lasers don't seem to be slicing as much as pushing back the opponent, knocking them back with each shot after each shot, sometimes going to the extent of what Seraphim lovingly calls 'Juggling' the foe. Unfortunately for the opponent, this is not quite as a pleasant experience, as sometimes, Seraphim can manage using this strategically, thus firing the four lasers around the opponent and propelling them toward him- usually in time for a series of melee attacks. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of- the proper word would be 'complete and total recoil',  nearly breaking Seraphim's hand when he fires it.


[1:] Fires 4 Buster base Buster Shots each with knockback added to them.

[2:] The attack has homing, and thus returns to attack the foe, provided it misses.

[3:] The attack inflicts lifeburn on Seraphim, burning his hit points for 30 damage, and slows him for one round.

Turn Cooldown
-6 TCD

420/660 Left