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Scrapping the former sig in place of this.

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-Nature's Enlightenment: The processes used for Nachahmen's analysis and configuration are progressed to great degrees. As such, he has developed varied memory banks, sectioned off from RAM, for the purposes of holding color-alteration codes, and the emulated data of Navi attacks.

Effects: Allows Nac to mimic colors of targets seen this round, albeit not perfectly (one could likely tell the two apart Nac was mimicking shape as well, so long as they weren't in an bout of close-proximity movement from each other), and allows him to store up to two mimicked navi's appearances, as well as store any number of virii appearances.

Further, any attacks from the spotted virii before the next round, for the purposes of ROM Blast, may be stored.

Finally, Nac can 'learn' sigs (with point values 100 or below) from a navi(s). so long as he's seen the attack multiple times, or has seen it once, then used Nature's Embrace for study.  Once learned, the sig is then stored for later use. No more than two sigs may be stored at any given time (new ones learned effectively delete a stored one of choice). 

All sigs learned, when used, follow the sig's CD (at the time it was learned) +1 

CD from learning: 2

Points used: 100

Ok? Slightly complicated, I know, but most of it is fluff, so I hope you'll bear with me.
Hm. Bump...

Well, at least you made it official. Pending Majin's permission, I propose this instead...

Emulation: Charisma: Taking more than a couple of notes from a navi or two, Nachahmen puts his hands at his sides, sinking into his legs as though he had pockets, and winks at the opposition, tilting his head into it as he does so. This causes a mild wooing in the subject(s), which he then throws overboard by creating a clone, then engaging in a series of appealing poses, typically revealing a fine tone in the body structure, particularly in the chest/abdomen area. The effect of such charisma is rather impressive, often leaving everyone around speechless...

Effects: Stun x3 (Distributable) (90), Decoy (20)

CD: 3

Points used: 110
Its fine by me. Carry on.
Assuming you have enough pool to make it since you didn't post it like your supposed to D:<