Spirit Armor

Removing the old-rules Kitsune-bi sig for a new one...

Signature attack:
Name - Spirit Armor
Description - by using immense power, Kitsune rips a whole between the Cyber World and the "Spirit World". Positive spirit energy flows through, becoming a form of armor for whom Kitsune chooses it to. However, due to its spectral nature, it fades out after a short amount of time.
Effect - 1-hit barrier (20pts) + 1 turn HardBody(40pts)
Cooldown - 2 turn

Sig Pool starting depth: 60pts
Pool drain by Spirit Armor Sig: 60pts
Sig Pool end depth: 0pts

Also, I have a question. If I get this while I'm jacked in but no battle has started, may I switch sigs without jacking out?
You need a Signature Edit to change/remove a sig from your pool.

You lack one.

They're available in Suitachi's shop in Scilabs.