BOB and Shuffle.exe

Age: 7, looks 35
Gender: N/A
Appearance: BOB is... well, a robot. A walking, talking, thinking, feeling, netbattling Robot, with a butler-y accent and a human-esque appearance. He's dressed in a brown tuxedo with an equally expensive-looking set of diamond-studded cufflinks, has white, pale skin, and brown, short-cut, well-styled hair. His eyes are blue, and he sports a pair of black dress shoes, as well as a pair of white gloves. Shuffle is actually stored inside his computer systems, thus removing the need for a PET-- he can jack Shuffle in just as well using a wireless connection, and chips are scanned in by running his hand over them as opposed to placing them in a slot.
Personality: BOB is constantly calm, and always ends his sentences with 'Sir' or 'Madam'. At times he's known to reminisce about his days as a poker dealer, making remarks about how 'the people were so nice'... he's kind at heart, and isn't beyond striking up a friendly conversation with passersby. In fact, he's usually delighted to talk to people-- he views it as a 'fun learning experience'.
PET mod: None.

Gender: Male
Age: Looks 23
Element/Subtype: None/None
Appearance: Shuffle has white, heavily-tanned skin, and wears a brown bandana on his head. His left ear sports a small, diamond earring. His eyes are brown, and they occasionally shift back and forth. He has a single lock of brown hair that sticks out of his bandana with an upward arc; despite all he's tried, he can't get the damn thing to stay down. Moving down on his body, Shuffle wears a tan t-shirt and a short-sleeved, thin brown coat that barely comes to his waist. He also wears a pair of thin, slightly baggy brown pants, held up by a brown belt with a belt buckle bearing an onyx gemstone. Finally, his ensemble is finished by a pair of black wool gloves and a pair of brown tennis shoes, topped off by a pair of short black socks.
Personality: Shuffle is a witty navi, and is also smart and tricky. He's quick to drop thinly-veiled insults when he's annoyed, though he seems to know when to shut up and go with the flow. His cunning and sharp intellect are his best traits, and while some would assume these are from being coded well, Shuffle's explanation as to why he has them is because he's 'Just awesome'. It's the former.
Custom Weapon: EVERYTHING. Shuffle either attacks with his cards by striking an opponent with one of it's edges as a melee attack, or he just punches/kicks/bites/pokes them. He and his cards are his weapons.
Sig Attack: Numbercard.
--Shuffle summons a numbercard with a random number from 2-10. This Numbercard stays summoned for a single turn and has 2 actions. Numbercards deal damage equal to their number times 3, and have one of the following suits, each with a specific effect: Hearts heal for 2 times their number as opposed to attacking, Spades add the Sword subtype to their attacks, Diamonds can find invisible targets and hit through traps, and Clubs add the break subtype to their attacks. The Numbercards cannot shield Shuffle from attacks, nor can they be attacked; they are only able to attack. Once per turn.
Boss Approva-*yawn*
CD on sig?
'Once Per Turn'. It's at the end there. >>

How's the number determined, exactly?
See my signature. It has two random number generators, provided by Drakim; one has a 1-4 roll, which I use to determine the suit, and the other has a 2-10 roll, for the number. Try them out if you wish.

Heh. Well, average damage actually breaks the cap, but it's random so I'll let it slide.