Name: Jacob Transit

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: The first thing you notice about him is his blonde hair, brushed back as though the wind had blown through it. The second thing you notice is the pair of antique avation goggles, a family heiroom passed down from generation to genereation. He wears a brown leather jacket, with a white t-shirt underneath. His regular pants tend to frayed and discolored, as this was his "Lucky Pants", a pair of pants that blew to him during a tornado, and have kept them ever since.

Personality: Suffering from ADD most of his life, he seems bored most of the time, most activities losing his attention in a matter of minutes. The only two activites he devotes to are Virus busting with his Navi, Jinnman, and his dream to become a storm chaser someday, just like his father was. His family seems to be obsessed with the sky. His older brother a pilot, his mother a meteorligist, and his father a storm chaser, before his untimely death.

PET Modifications: A propeller attached to the side, used as an small air conditioner.


Name: Jinnman.exe

Gender: Male

Element: Electric

Type: Wind

Appearence: He wears a small yellow and white turban, with some blonde bangs hanging out. He wears a yellow open vest, but no shirt underneath, in an attempt to show off his slightly muscular phyisique. He wears yellow parachute pants, with matching pointed yellow shoes. Another trait is a pair of butterfly wings that grant him slight hovering, but doesn't alter his power or speed too much.

Personality: He seems to have a flippant attitude towards enemies, seeing as Jacob is his Operator, victory is assured. He always seems to be too happy, with a grin almost glued to his face. His attacks and movements try to be as flashy as possible, as a way to impress his Operator and any teammates. His personal quote, "Any Navi can win with force, but a true hero wins with style!"

Custom Weapon: None

Signature Attack: Thunder Thorns- An attack that generates multiple lightning arcs that all converge on a foe of Jinnman's choosing. The attack alost seems as though lightning bolts are impaling the foe. (2 turn cooldown, 70 Elec Damage)

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No Custom Weapon? 'Splain, please.
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Noob Chip Pack! Shotgun x1, Cannon x1, Rageclaw x1.
Noob Navicust Pack! Attack +1 x1, Charge +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1, Undershirt x1.