I feel like I have put myself in a dead-end, with a navi that has no personality or interesting qualities. I believe that I should restart, but keep the "hunter of strange viruses self-plot".

Name: Scott Fox
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Though he doesn't seem muscular, he is very strong. He is taller than the average height, but not increadibly tall. His brown hair is short to medium length, and is somewhat spikey, but not like in videogames or anime. His distinguishing feature is that his eyes are red, which he hides by wearing sunglasses. He tends to wear a black T-shirt with the Japanese character for "wisdom" written on the back of his shirt in white. After recently breaking his right arm, he wears a cast on it

Personality: Hardly ever serious, he seems to think that life is a game. This is far from the truth, however. He acts like this because of his bad luck which led to his arm being broken after being hit by an out-of-control car. He believes that in order to counteract all the bad things that have been happening to him, he must view everything as having some good in it, and tries to have as much fun as possible. He has recently become interested in finding mutant viruses that nobody has ever seen. His last name is the inspiration for his fox-spirit-based navi.
PET Modifications: High quality laser jack-in, extra memory for downloading files (neither mod gives any in-game benefit)


Name: Kitsune
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Wind

Appearance: An oversized, golden-red fox with three tails. He has the Japenese symbol for wisdom on his forehead. His eyes glow a bright blue, and give a sense of infinite knowledge.

Personality: Though extremely intelligent, he is also extremely childish and mischevious. While seeking knowledge, he also tries to trick evil navis. Sometimes, he refuses to listen to Tom's instructions, and loves to run free.

Custom Weapon: Claws and teeth.

Signature Attack: Kitsune-Bi [summons three 5 HP ghostly fireballs from his tail. These try to distract the enemy for less accuracy, , 2-turn cooldown after all fireballs are destroyed]
Since I have no good RP reason to keep any of my old items, I will like the Newbie Pack.
If I'm reading it right, your signature attack is... confusing.

Do they simply hit for 5 damage to distract, or are they meant to fool the enemy into thinking the fireballs are what they should be attacking?
The second one. Is there any way for me to word it better? I'm not good with that, I know. Sorry about the confusion.
I need a second opinion. The damage ruling on that is just too strange. Your best bet would be to log-onto the chat and ask some people to come in here since no one seems willing to. Tell them Kazu sent you or you might get thorny replies.
Um... I don't know where the chat is, and my computer probably cannot handle it. I get kicked offline because I have crappy dial-up. I'll just wait, unless you can help me think of a better strategic starting sig suitable for a kitsune. Sorry for all the trouble.

I'd say it warrants a 'Taunt', seeing as how it causes the enemies to attack them.

In that case, he'd be within the limits and fine.


Kitsune-Bi: Kitsune summons a trio of 5-HP ghostly fireballs from his tail. These taunt one enemy each per turn into attacking them, for a total of three enemies taunted each turn until they're destroyed. 2-turn cooldown after all fireballs are destroyed.

Is this what you were trying to say?

If so, then you're approved.

If not... clarify and I'll try to put it into sig format.

Either way, reply here.

That's what I meant. Thanks. However, do these "auto-taunt", or do I select the targets for the Kitsune-bi's taunts each turn?
You pick.