Leo & flamegirls application

Appearance: Wears a red long sleeve shirt and vest also a pair of red jeans with red sneakers and red slick hair
Personality: mischievous yet balanced with friendliness toward his navi. He always liked the destructive power of fire. He listens to his navi flamegirl almost all the time. He is very nice but not in battle. He is usually calm except when someone makes fun of him or his navi.
PET Modifications: His PET is red all over with flames drawn on it and he has a holster that clips on to his jean the holster has a strap that goes over the top of the PET preventing it from falling.

Name: Flamegirl
Element: Fire
Type: Recover
Appearance: Looks like megaman heat style but has a flame on each forearm shooting out and on her head (the flames are kind of like heatmans but shoots out at an angle.) but has a flames where megamans crest should be.
Personality: Very calm except in battle situation listens to her operator except when she knows the command is wrong and is the most organized one out of the two. She loves to battle for fun except in serious situation also she hates viruses but not when she controls them.
Custom Weapon: Looks like megamans buster only red and shoots out fire bullets.
Signature Attack: flame blade:the two flames on her fore arms haet up to an unbearable temperature also growing longer as she dashes towards her enemy and slashes a single enemy twice dealing 25 dmg each.needs a 2 turn cooldown.
1: Take out all references to Canon Characters. (IE: This looks like this guy's thing, oh and that looks like that girl's stuff...)

2: No, seriously. Do it.

3: You have to read the rules twice or the owl will still eat you.

4: Add more description to everything.

That being said rather bluntly, welcome to the board!